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Rooted. Growing. Thriving

A new faith community beginning March 2020

Easton Campus

3035 Stelzer Rd, Columbus, OH 43219
Sundays @ 9AM


Administrative Offices

4200 Regent Street, Suite 200,
Columbus, Ohio 43219


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(614) 392-8600


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During these uncertain times, find comfort in our “Soul Food” daily devotionals and Sunday services. Join us online at the following times:

Sundays – 9:00AM and NOON


In a world where we can look so very different than our founders, what does it mean to have rights that are “inalienable”? We explore this and other questions in our upcoming sermon series.

Living Tree is a new church, which also means a new spiritual breath in Columbus. I am connected to Living Tree because as a new church in Columbus, it provides me an opportunity for me to see and learn how a church can be planted in a big city like Columbus. I support the community vision of Living Tree and the determination of its leadership to impact the communities in Columbus.

Bellarmee Milosi

For me, Living Tree has been a place of community for me and my daughter, where my voice is heard and valued, and where we are invited to live into a life of God as love.




Elizabeth Speidel

Prayer Line

Start your day with inspiration, direction and encouragement from Pastor F. Willis Johnson and others from across country. Experience connection with God and others through the gift of prayer!

Mornings, Monday-Friday at 7am EST/6am CST


Facebook Live

Dial in 425-585-7719

Who are we?

Living Tree is an uniquely gifted and diverse people doing life together rooted in love…growing through faith…thriving in divine purpose. We are a faith community that strives to love unconditionally, remain answerable to questions and equips individuals to move beyond surviving to thriving. A place where you are encouraged to become your best…together with others divinely-inspired to make a difference.

What we believe

We believe in the unconditional love of God, through Jesus Christ and the blessed Holy Spirit.  Jesus Christ’s sacrificial and prophetic witness of serves as our ultimate ethical example. God’s mercy and grace, aided by the Holy Spirit, invites ALL who  into a life of oneness with the triune God, creation and one another experienced and expresses by these every day means:

Community – Doing life together
Service – Serving with others in love
Discipleship – Growing in faith with God
Justice – Championing of loving and humane acts
Equity – Blessed to be a blessing 

We want you to be a part of this community and can’t wait to see you.

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A Special Guest at Living Tree

This week, Living Tree Church welcomes a guest minister to lead us in praise and a reading from the word. Watch the video below to see what else we have going on this week at Living Tree Church.


inalienable - [ in-eyl-yuh-nuh-buhl, -ey-lee-uh- ] unable to be taken away from or given away by the possessor. “Spiritual freedom and responsibility  are the most inalienable of all human rights” For many, who are other-ed, it is difficult to see ourselves or hear...

Takeout Tuesday is Back

Rev. Dr.  F. Willis Johnson updates us on some of the great things that we have happening here at Living Tree Church. From guest speakers to everyone's favorite, Takeout Tuesday, we have a lot going on in the month of October at Living Tree Church!

Living Tree Church

3035 Stelzer Rd., Columbus, OH 43219