The season of Lent is a time for discernment and self-discovery. Lent is not just about adhering to a biblical reading plan, abstaining from activities you should not be engaged in, fasting from some things deem non-life enriching, or mere checking off spiritual boxes. It is a concentrated period dedicated to disciplining of the Spirit.  Our withdrawal from worldly things or demands are purposed towards drawing closer God and deeper into ourselves.  Each week our practices of reflection and repentance—turning away from and returning towards God—are means of seeing, being and living anew. In this season we are encouraging one another to press pass limitations to become rooted in love..growing in faith…thriving in divine promise. 

Kick-off this significant season of faith with Living Tree’s Ash Wednesday Service, February 26 at 7pm. Then commitment to a journey of reflection via an engaging study entitled, “A Message to the City”  Wednesdays 7pm during lent.