Many people often live  uninspired,  demanding, and spiritually disconnected lives. The Lenten season is an invitation to make space and time to asses ourselves and relationship with God and one another. One means of reflection is through questioning. Following are some interrogatives designed to encourage reflection of self…our practices, preferences, priorities, aspirations and more. Take sometime today and across the next weeks to ponder and address these self-evaluative questions. Allow each interrogative to serve as guides for your prayer or devotional time.

Throughout Lent we are in a series titled, Becoming. Come learn about the process of growing to be our best selves in order to experience fully the promises of God. Join us every Sunday 9am at our Easton campus for inspirational music, authentic connection and practical teaching. Begin your journey of strengthening a #Faith2Live at Living Tree!

Introspective Interrogatives

Do you have a daily routine?

If so, what is your daily routine? How much time a day does your routine require? How does this routine make you feel? Which of those activities encourage and/or produce positivity, health or increase in your life? What activities discourage or result in negative, unhealthy or lessening outcomes? Are their expenses or loss as a result of these routine activities?

What are some daily challenges you encounter?

Do you commitment time daily to practices like meditating..journaling…exercise…quietness? Define motivation? Do you believe yourself to be a motivated person? If so, what motivates you? If not, why? What are some incentives that would encourage you? What are factors that weaken your interest or ability to try?

Define belonging.

Where do you experience belonging? What does it feel like to belong?  Are there names for the belonging you experience?

Define the term meaning.

What activities give meaning to your life. Are there particular spaces or groups that encourage your pursuit of meaningfulness? What is the most recent event or encounter of meaning in your life?

Do you like to learning new things?

What do you most enjoy learning about? What are the ways you learn new things? Do you like learning independently or with others?

How do you define success?

Where in your life do you experience success?