We are a growing community of faith and have a number of events that can help you connect with us and deepen your faith. Check us out below:


In a world where we can look so very different than our founders, what does it mean to have rights that are “inalienable”? We explore this and other questions in our upcoming sermon series.

Fall Institute

Join us for this year’s Fall Institute beginning October 19th! Dr. Johnson will provide practical and foundational guidance, empowering us to live into our calling to acknowledge what is not right in our community, understand and affirm the genuine points of pain, and to take faithful action addressing injustice in times like these.

Take Out Tuesday

We are committed to do life together at Living Tree! Physical distancing doesn’t mean we have to be socially nor spiritually disconnected. Tuesday nights at 7:30PM meet-up virtually with Pastor F. Willis Johnson & family for real talk, honest questions and favorite foods. Enter for a chance to win a free meal and share this with a friend.

Breakthrough Prayer

Start your day with inspiration, direction and encouragement from Pastor F. Willis Johnson and others from across country. Experience connection with God and others through the gift of prayer!

Dial in mornings Monday-Friday at 7am EST/6am CST


Just before his crucifixion, Jesus broke bread with his disciples in the upper room and commanded us to continue this practice in remembrance of him. On Sunday October 25th, we will be conducting a special communion service during our weekly online service. Click below to sign up and provide us your name and contact information so that we may send you communion elements.

Project F.I.T.

Living Tree is committed to “doing life together” through a model of “thriving” and public witnessing faith with our everyday lives. Make plans to join our community for recreational to immediate-level training walk/run events, bike ride meet-ups and Pelotonia 2020, as well as other health & wellness experiences across Columbus. Interested in learning more? Contact Pastor.

Partners in Education Project

Living Tree believes in the imperative that we live our faith as a public witness. One example is our Partners In Education (P.I.E.) project. Living Tree provides various forms of support, supplies and encouragement youth and educators across Columbus. This initiative works with educators and students to encourage them to become their best selves.

Kids Ministry

Take a few moments during this time of social distancing to spend with your children. Let them know that God loves them and take some time teaching them some lessons to help them better understand our creator. Click the link to find some resources to help you get started.

Keep Up to Date

Stay up to date with everything going on in our church by subscribing to our weekly devotion “Soul Food” by clicking below.