We are a growing community of faith and have a number of events that can help you connect with us and deepen your faith. Check us out below:

2022 Bible Reading Plan

Join us at Living Tree as we embark on a year-long reading plan. We will be following a Calender provided by Five Day Bible Reading that can be found and downloaded HERE!

The Vine

Join us for a morning devotional with Rev. Dr. F. Willis Johnson, every weekday at 7AM

Breakthrough Prayer

Start your day with inspiration, direction and encouragement from Pastor F. Willis Johnson and others from across country. Experience connection with God and others through the gift of prayer!

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Monday-Friday on FB LIVE


Partners in Education Project

Living Tree believes in the imperative that we live our faith as a public witness. One example is our Partners In Education (P.I.E.) project. Living Tree provides various forms of support, supplies and encouragement youth and educators across Columbus. This initiative works with educators and students to encourage them to become their best selves.

Keep Up to Date

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