Welcome to Living Tree Church


Living Tree is a new faith community in Columbus, Ohio, aimed at doing life together. We are rooted in love, growing in faith, and thriving in divine purpose. All are welcome to be part of the adventure – there’s a place for you!

Our Core Values

These are the values that will guide Living Tree as we are planted, grow and bear fruit in the world. Sound like your kind of church?


Faith development is thought of as an occurrence like bible study or Sunday School, while transformative learning is an ongoing process that is not limited to one activity or space. Intentional faith development is a conscious and consorted effort to attained understanding. To paraphrase the teachings of John Wesley, God’s gifts of grace, forgiveness, knowing and faith are freely offered, yet we must be purposeful (intentional) in search and application of such. Thus, our doing and becoming in faith by God’s grace is the continuum of transformation. 


The practice of justice should be seen as a non-negotiable that is required to remain faithful with God, in the things of God, and in God’s time, which is both now and not yet. The Lord requires that we each do justice!  Justice is the very being or essence of God. Justice is love in action and visibly distinguishable for all to see. 


Equitability is our holding accountable one another and honoring our respective inalienability. Every individual is gifted by God with particular responsibilities and talents that when we fail to share these gifts the world is left bankrupt. Equitable practices and systems both considers and provides for all of God’s creation and created.


Acts of walking alongside others in response to the hurt and needs those in our community.  Each of us has divine responsibility to respond to the conditions and situations around us.  At Living Tree will curate space for risk-taking mission work that invites persons to press towards greater levels of commitment, vulnerability, authenticity, and relationship with others. 


A place where persons are free to love and grow into the image of God through questioning.  Living Tree offers a grace-filled space where “we strive to do life together”.  A faith community that encourages meeting others where they truly are, not where we believe they should be. Discovering and discerning together many ways to celebrate God with our lives.